Vision Test

If you believe that your eyes have a problem with seeing you can find out with doing this test. You need to do is sit in a normal viewing distance in front of your screen (about 60 cm between screen and eyes) close one off your eye with one hand, depending on the distance to examine by looking at the letters in the lines. Repeat the same procedure for the other eye.

Seamless human eye will be able to read text from 20/20. If you have trouble reading the text you should consult your eye doctor. Even though you can read the text smoothly, prevent from the difficult illness you may see your doctor regularly.

Vision Measurement Unit;

The unit of visual measurement is specified by 'feet' in the international medical language. 20 feet = about 6.6 meters.

100% visual measurement is expressed as 20/20. We can briefly stated in Turkish; Means that you can see objects exactly 66 meters away. 10% of the view is expressed in the medical language as 20/200 feet; It means that you can see exactly 6.6 meters of the distance of about 66 meters.