Patients' Rights



1. Utilization of services in general: To benefit from the activities to promote healthy living and preventive health services within the framework of principles of justice and equity,

2. Equality in access to service: To receive services without taking into account race, language religion, creed, sex, political opinion, philosophical belief, economic and social conditions.

3. Information: To obtain information regarding the variety of the medical facilities and services available,

4. Selecting and changing medical institution: To select and change the medical institution and health services and benefit from the chosen medical institution,

5. Know, select and change personnel: To learn the identities, duties and titles of physicians who are providing and will provide healthcare and to select and change them,

6. Information request: To ask any kind of information related to health status, verbally and in writing,

7. Privacy: To receive all kinds of health services in a private environment,

8. Consent and permission: Medical interventions consent and permission, To benefit from service pursuant to consent and permission in case of medical interventions,

9. Refuse and stop: To refuse the treatment or ask to stop the treatment,

10. Safety: To receive health care service in a safe environment,

11. Perform religious duties: To fulfil religious obligations to the extent of the facilities and within the measures taken by the administration of the medical institution,

12. To be respected: To receive health care with respect, care and attention with friendly, gentle, compassionate approach,

13. Comfort: To receive health services in hygienic conditions and in an environment that is free of noise and other disturbing factors,

14. Visitors: To accept visitors in accordance with the procedures and principles of institutions and organizations,

15. Having company: To ask for having a companion according to the legislation of the medical institution and with the approval of the physician,

16. Rights to apply, complain and sue: To exercise all kinds of rights to apply, complain and sue pursuant to the legislation if the patient's rights have been violated,

17. Continuous service: To benefit from healthcare services as long as it is needed.