Patient Admission

If you are under public insurance (SGK/Social Security Institution, Bağ-Kur/Social Security Institution For Artisans And Self-Employed, Emekli Sandığı/Retirement Fund or if you are a civil servant) you need to have Palm Reading Transaction, it is a method that is used for only people between 12-75 years.

Your registration in operation program HIMS (Hospital Information Management System) will be opened in accordance with your identity information (It is important that you give your current communication information -address, home/mobile phone, e-mail etc. in order for us to contact with you afterwards).

Remittance fund is collected from the patients who have public insurance. In case the system does not give approval, service charge will be charged from you based on our current price and in this case, examination fees are also charged.

For our patients who have private health insurance we charge remittance fund upon their private insurance for their physical examination. In case the approval cannot be taken service charge again will be collected from you upon the agreed prices.

Our patients who come from the institutions which we have agreement, need to come with their identity cards and dispatch notes given the related institution. Depending on the content of the agreement made with the related institution, form of payment and implementations can be learn from Patient Admission Counter.

Service charge is obtained from you during the registration depending on your social security type (SGK, private health insurance, contracted health care provider). Patients who have private insurance will be assessed upon the current prices of MAYAGÖZ. Information about the necessary prices can be obtained from Patient Admission Counter.

As your registration procedure finished, before ‘examination’ you will be directed for ‘measurement’.