Examination and Further Investigation


After your registration procedures finished, your name will be seen on the computer screen located in the measurement unit. Our employees in the measurement unit will call your name according to this order. Your eye degree and eye presure are measured in this unit. Your preparation before the further investigation period will be completed by the printouts you will be given and you will be directed to our doctors.

We foresee approximately 15-20 minutes of waiting time before the physical examination. In some cases, the foreseen period can be longer than specified. This is because the patient who had physical examination before you could have drip fundus examination and these kind of patients might be taken to the examination room more than once. If you will also have drip fundus examination, your examination time may take approximately one hour since you will have the same procedures. When you enter into the doctor's room, you will have a detailed physical examination and your physician will direct you in order to have your other examinations if your physician finds it is necessary.


The examinations that your physician asked for in order to diagnose you, will be seen on the computer screen located in the examination unit. After they direct you to the examination unit, our staff in the examination unit will call you if they are available if not, they will call you after they finish their transaction regarding the previous patient than you. Appropriate examination will be made in accordance with your physician. Then, we recommend you to show your results to your physician if they asked for it, or not to wait if they will inform you later on.