Sign Language

The hands were talked, eyes were seen

The first in Turkey, we receive sign language training within Hands Talking project to communicate with our hearing-impaired patients , we make a video appointment at the call center for an unobstructed MAYAGÖZ.

MAYAGÖZ, which has been in operation since 2004, an eye center is a center of attention that has served as a principle to serve the individuals in every part of the society in the best way.In 2009, MAYAGÖZ, who is continuing to serve with a modern and innovative approach with its new service building, is one of the founders Op. Dr. Sefer Ogun BOLUK describes the approaches of as follows:"As MAYAGÖZ, we use innovative practices and technologies in the field of community health. But more importantly, we are striving to provide better service to our patients with our investments made by our expert staff. While we serve human health, we are careful that our employees have the best skills and equipment. "

Everyone should benefit from health services equally and freely Op. Dr. Sefer Ogun BOLUK, especially those with disabilities are vexed issue in this respect,the administrators need to invest in these areas so that hospitals and centers with the handicapped can easily benefit from the duty to provide public health .Op. Dr. Sefer Ogun BOLUK explains custom action we initiated in this framework as follows: "By 2014 we wanted to make it easier for hearing-impaired people to benefit from our center.Hearing impaired patients had to bring someone surely for their health problems on up to until today, or they kept in contact communicate by writing with the doctor continuously during the examination.We wanted to make it easier for the doctor and the patient to communicate with each other, to get rid of the paper-pencil or patient companion.That's why we have taught sign language to all our staff who are in direct contact with the patient. "

Face to face is not enough, always let's talk

All of our staff who were in direct contact with the patients were given sign language training for 3 months.The MAYAGÖZ call center and to all our staff who are in direct contact with the patient, patients were able to make video calls via smartphones and tablets to the call center they were looking for after an appointment or after treatment.Thus, hearing-impaired patients can communicate directly through the sign language by starting a video call.

As MAYAGÖZ, we want to make life easier for our hearing-impaired patients and to help them more closely in their eye problems. Our patients with video interviews can get their appointments by using sign language instead of voice, and they can tell us what they want to ask about their treatment. With this innovative solution,our patients do not always have to come to the hospital, they do not feel the need to use companion paper-pencil or sign language.While communicating with the sign language over 3G has accelerated our communication with patients, we have increased their satisfaction.