Cataract is a circumstance that a natural lens in our eye from birth loses its transparency and reduction in the level of sight, double vision, light scattering, and variations in the dioptre values as a consequence of this. Cataract may be observed at any age; however, the main cause is advancing age.

The sole treatment for cataract is only surgery. Cataract cannot be treated by medications, use of glasses, eye drops. Cataract surgery is performed using the Phacoemulsification method, which is the most widespread and advanced method in our day. This method is known as 'suture-less cataract surgery' among the public. During the surgery, the natural lens that has lost its transparency will be removed and replaced with an artificial lens.

If the cataracts have been ignored for a long time eye pressure and severe eye pain may develop in addition to loss of vision. And again, the patients with cataract who have waited for a long time are more risky as compared to the other cataract patients.

Cataract surgery has a success ratio that is quite high as compare to other operations.

In our centre, Intraocular Lenses (IOL) that is approved by CE/FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) is used and we offer a different intraocular lens that suitable is for your lifestyles and expectations. With toric (astigmatism) intraocular lenses, patients can be relieved from their distance glasses and patients may also have the advantage of seeing the near, medium and far distances without glasses with multifocal/trifocal and toric multifocal intraocular lenses. In addition to that we also offer services of protecting the macula (yellow spot) from the hazardous effects of sunlight with lenses.

Our patients are evaluated by detailed examinations, such as topography (corneal map) and optical coherence tomography (OCT), in addition to the routine detailed examinations to be able to see whether toric, multifocal/ trifocal or toric multifocal intraocular lenses are appropriate.

"Femtosecond Laser" technology able to perform most important stages of cataract surgery with computer systems. In cataract surgery surgeon's experience is very important. However in rare cases, can be seen some complications that cannot be prevented by surgeon. In order to attract the least of these complications "Femtosecond Laser" technology is an important development today. Both for patient and surgeon it offers a safer and shorter time of surgical facilities. The steps that the ''Femtosecond Laser'' used in cataract surgery:

- Corneal incision with laser

- Desired size of capsulorhexis

- Fragmentation

- Correction of astigmatism