Glaucoma is an insidious eye disease that is generally associated with the damage caused on the optic nerve by the increase in the intraocular pressure in the later ages and progressive loss of vision. Although the most frequent cause of eye pressure is old age, genetic factors also play an important role. Glaucoma may also be observed even in infants and young ages. Everyone over 40 years of age should be examined once a year and have their eye pressure measured. It is impossible to correct the damage caused by glaucoma on the optic nerve. Therefore, vision can be maintained by early diagnosis and treatment.

Every patient applying at our clinic is evaluated with respect to glaucoma. Further examinations are applied on patients who are suspected or diagnosed with glaucoma (eye pressure). These respectively are: Pachymetry, NFA and CVFS.

Pachymetry is a device that measures corneal thickness. The patient's final eye pressure value depends on corneal thickness. Therefore, the eye pressure is re-evaluated on the result of the corneal thickness measurement. NFA allows the analysis most accurate level of the optic nerve.

Even in patients with very early stage of glaucoma, it indicates the change in the nerve fibber and guides us in diagnosis and treatment. Again, in the follow-up of the glaucoma patients, whether the disease has progressed or not, the applied treatment is appropriate or not, is assessed through the nerve fibber analysis.

CVFS (Computerized Visual Field Scan); is a very valuable test that shows changes in the visual field and monitor optic nerve damage. Since the ability to evaluate CVFS correctly depends on the compatibility of the patient, this test may not be asked for children or patients whose general conditions are distressed.

In addition to the diagnosis of the glaucoma disease, these examinations must definitely be made at certain intervals in order to determine if disease is progressing or not. A patient who has been diagnosed with glaucoma can be treated with medication, SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty) or the surgery.