Oculoplasty is the ophthalmic discipline that involves eyelid and lachrymal duct diseases. Oculoplastic surgery options not only offer a better aesthetical appearance for patients and also contribute to better visual function and visual quality.

Treatment area of Oculoplastic Surgery

Catheter treatment for congenital duct problems during babyhood era,

Botox applications; this is very effective treatment model especially for paralytic strabismus, blepharospasm and also goose foot wrinkles,

Surgical treatment to improve congenital or acquired lid-drop problems,

Surgical approaches to lachrymal duct problems (dacryocystorhinostomy with laser),

Dynamic prosthesis surgeries,

Eyelid aesthetics,

Surgeries for eyelid ectropion,

Surgeries for eyelid shape imperfections,

Eyelid tumour surgeries,

Surgeries to solve the problems sourcing from eyelashes.