Outpatient Treatment Instruments


It is a type of laser that is used in the treatment of deformations in retina and its vessels, diyabetikretinopati, retinal break and high myopic patients when the retina is thin. It prevents progression of disease by burning deformed location with laser in diseases such as degeneration, break or hemorrhage caused by diabetes. As the diabetes damages the eye, vessels emerge behind the eyes that are exposed to hemorrhage and these vessels need to be burnt every time with laser. Therefore, multiple argon laser treatments can be performed. The cases which were diagnosed with operation indication are now solved before the damage grows and the patient undergoes any operation thanks to Argon Laser which is applied in sessions without any surgery.

In certain forms of eye pressure, which is an important cause of blindness, treatment can be made by applying argon laser in the area left by eye fluid or in the colour layer. Also, argon laser can be used in the treatment of certain problems that occur after the glaucoma treatment and cutting the stitches used in the glaucoma surgery.


Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) is a newly developed laser treatment method that is used to decrease intraocular pressure in open-angle glaucoma disease. With STL, low-dose laser energy is sent to blocked canaliculus and pigment containing cells are destroyed and eliminated. This opens the blocked canaliculus, normalizes fluid flow from the eye and decreases intraocular pressure to normal levels. During the procedure, pigment-free cells around the canaliculus suffer no damage from laser energy. Therefore, its side effects are little if any and it can be applied multiple times. It offers a very effective treatment even in patients with glaucoma who do not respond to any other treatment method.

The SLT treatment is performed under polyclinic at examination room. It does not require any operational condition. The eye is anesthetized with a drop before the treatment. Then a special microscope is used to start the laser treatment. The procedure ends in a few minutes and the patient feels no pain or ache.

It does not require staying in hospital or restricting daily activities. Eye pressure decreases prominently in a few days. Medication may be needed for a certain period of time. In the meantime, the patient should continue the doctor controls. The SLT treatment does not bring back the vision loss which occurs because of eye pressure. It is a treatment to protect existing vision level of the patient.


During the cataract surgery, intraocular lens is placed on a thin film. This film loses its transparency over time. This loss of gloss decreases vision slowly. The patient feels like the cataract is starting over. After a sufficient period of time passes from the operation, this loss of gloss needs to be solved by applying YAG laser (capsulotomy). As a result of application of YAG Laser, this film crashes and thus vision quality increases as a result.

In fact, YAG laser procedure is a phototherapy and it can be performed without contacting the eye with any device or tool. The film is opened in seconds without any pain and the patient gains a clear vision. The laser is applied when the patient is on treatment chair.

Eye pressure is decreased by performing iridotomy with YAG laser in the treatment of some types of glaucoma (eye pressure). This procedure is creating a millimetric opening in the iris tissue which colours the eye.